Gregory Allan Cramer is the principal interior design professional behind the scenes at


He has worked within the interior design industry and has managed a successful design and construction company, Gregory Allan Cramer & Company Inc., since 1986. As the design industry changed, he saw the need to create for the growing number of savvy consumers searching the world’s market places for quality products at a great value.

He has assembled a knowledgeable team of design professionals to assist members with their own design visions

Please feel free to call for any assistance you may need.
A Team member will provide professional friendly guidance.



“Sales are a thing of the past with a membership in Knowing the net cost of products and services in advance makes planning your design scheme more realistic, rewarding and attainable. Let creativity be your guide .”

His experience, knowledge and solid business relationships with leading manufacturers of the design industry allows him the flexibility to provide this much needed design service to consumers who have a clear individual design vision of their own.

“The goal of is to provide a simple, affordable way to access the interior design industries' vast array of products and services via a membership web site that provides exclusive benefits and tremendous value to the consumer."

Gregory Allan Cramer & Company, Incorporated provides complete interior design and construction services. A complete offering of services and a portfolio of select projects are available at and information can be obtained by emailing inquiries to



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